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Sexual Assault Lawyer • Athens, TX

Being accused of sexual assault has serious repercussions, even if you are innocent of the crime. You may find yourself searching for sexual assault attorneys or attorneys for sex offenders in order to receive assistance. When you need a sexual assault lawyer near me, consider contacting Noemi A. Collie. Noemi is a sexual assault lawyer in Athens, TX who has more than 30 years of experience in the field. Her skill and experience have allowed her to successfully defend many different cases. Contact her today for a free consultation.

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Sexual Assault Attorneys

Sexual assault is considered to be an incredibly serious crime by Texas law. Generally speaking, sexual assault is considered to be a second-degree felony, which means you can receive up to 20 years in prison and pay up to $10,000 in fines. Additionally, you must register as a lifetime sex offender. Aggravated assault is considered even more serious, may result in life in prison. Working with sexual assault attorneys may be able to help clear or reduce the charges and, because of that, help reduce the negative impact on your life.

Sexual assault accusations often result in extensive investigations. It is important to contact a sexual assault lawyer to support you during these investigations. Some things that may happen during an investigation include:

  • Interviews with witnesses, victims, and the accused.
  • Gathering phone and email records for evidence.
  • Conducting DNA tests and getting medical testimony.

When facing sexual assault charges, it’s important to remain calm and start searching for sexual assault attorneys. Your sexual assault lawyer can help advise you on what you should and should not do during this process. Additionally, they can begin collecting evidence themselves to create an effective defense on your behalf. If you are in Athens, TX, then consider contacting Noemi A. Collie. Call to speak to a qualified sexual assault lawyer near me today.

  • Attorneys for Sex Offenders

If you’re looking for attorneys for sex offenders, consider contacting Noemi A. Collie. Noemi is an experienced criminal defense attorney who handles all sorts of cases, including ones involving sexual assault. She understands that facing these accusations can be frightening, and as such takes a compassionate and personalized approach to your case. She will gather as much evidence as she can to help support you. Then, she will aggressively defend you in court. She may be able to get the charges reduced or even get the charges dismissed altogether. So, call today if you’ve been searching for attorneys for sex offenders. Noemi is a sexual assault lawyer who is ready to help your case.

Sexual Assault Lawyer Near Me

A sexual assault accusation can cause major backlash even without a charge. You may face fear and suspicion from neighbors, coworkers, and others, even if you’re innocent. And actually being charged with the crime means that it will follow you around for life. Don’t let this happen to you; call an experienced sexual assault lawyer like Noemi A. Collie today. She is available to provide legal services to anyone in the following areas:

  • Fort Worth, TX
  • Waco, TX
  • Plano, TX
  • Tyler, TX
  • Arlington, TX
  • Granbury, TX
  • Corsicana, TX
  • Athens, TX
  • Sherman, TX
  • Gainesville, TX
  • Denison, TX
  • Durant, TX
  • Canton, TX
  • Mineola, TX
  • Sulphur Springs, TX

Finding a sexual assault lawyer near me is one of the best steps you can take to protect yourself from a sexual assault charge. Your lawyer is more than qualified to build a strong defense and help see you through this difficult time. Noemi is ready to defend you and provide excellent support. So, consider calling her today to learn more and get your free consultation.

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